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I firstly want to congratulation queen Holly Boon herself on this incredible launch. I already know how incredible her lipglosses are but now that she has even more shades, an upgraded formula, and to add.. Liquid lipsticks.. I really do not need to purchase any other lip products from any other brand because I’m basically sorted for the rest of my life now!

A little back story if you didn’t know, but Holly released her first products back in November on which were 3 lipglosses called: Yes Girl, Can’t Deal & Ok Then - These have been my all time favourite glosses ever, and that’s a huge statement to make as I never ever used to wear glosses as I used to hate them. But ever since she brought out her own, and of course I knew I had to support her as I’ve watched her on Youtube for years and her talent and skills in makeup are INSANE, I went ahead and bought them and I can honestly say if you’re looking for a gloss that is non sticky and hydrating.. Then HNB Cosmetics is the brand for you. You will NOT be disappointed what so ever!

Photo 06-05-2019, 15 29 43.jpg
Photo 06-05-2019, 13 07 31.jpg
Photo 06-05-2019, 13 26 33.jpg

Everything to do with the actual products to the packaging had had a whole revamp and I absolutely love it! If you are an OG of Holly’s brand, then you will know the boxes the products came in with silver and glittery - which of course were beautiful. But they were for the Christmas period only, so sadly that packaging is no longer available. But this upgrade is actually amazing though, it really suits Holly and her brand itself.

What is also new is that the product is now in a frosted container (if that’s the right word to use..) instead of it being in a clear one. Which I prefer the newer packaging as it actually as it makes it look more luxurious and expensive. Not that it being in something clear makes it look cheap, I just love when makeup products are in frosted glass bottles, feels more luxe.

The boxes are also new as they are now a pretty pink colour which matches the lids of the products - I love that again, she has designed the packaging to match the product again - so aesthetically pleasing. It also still has her thank you message on the back saying ‘‘Thank you so much for investing in my dream. I hope you love the product as much as I do. Love Always, Holly Natasha Boon’’ as well always including the name of the product and all the ingredients inside it.

Lastly, the product names are finally on the bottom instead of being stuck on the front of bottle itself, so if you’re someone who has a big makeup collection and has their lip products upside now to see the shade names, then you will know which shade is which now.

Photo 06-05-2019, 15 06 44.jpg

LIPGLOSS SHADES (image above):

  • NEW!!! - STOP IT - Pale pink nude.

  • IM GOOD (USED TO BE ‘YES GIRL’) - Pinky nude with sparkle.

  • FEELING MYSELF (USED TO BE ‘CAN’T DEAL’) - Peachy nude with sparkle.

  • NEW!!! - RIDE OR DIE - Brown with a slight pink/peach undertone.

  • OK THEN - Dark pink undertone nude.

  • NEW!!! - JHEEZ - Bright pink .


  • NEW!!! - LIVING - Light peachy nude.

  • NEW!!! - BAD B - Pink/Mauve undertone.

  • NEW!!! - OBSESSED - Brown nude with a slight peach undertone.

  • NEW!!! - ESPRESSO MARTINI - Dark brown nude with a slight red undertone.

  • NEW!!! - OMG - Bright pink.

Photo 06-05-2019, 15 08 28.jpg


I already know how insane Holly’s lipglosses are from owning her first 3 that she released back in November, even though she has changed the formula, it’s just as amazing!

The shade range is stunning, from nudes to a bright af pink! Every shade will suit every skin tone!

What I love about the lipglosses still is that they’re so hydrating, comfortable and non-sticky on the lips.. It’s everything you want in a lipgloss and these are just that. Also very pigmented as well that they look great on their own as well as on top of a liquid lipstick or lipliner.

Coming in all shades from nudes, to darks to brights.. You have so many shades to pick from for all occasions, or seasons.. I AM OBSESSED!!!


I honestly cannot believe how amazing these are.. I have used so many liquid lipsticks but these are the best yet. I didn’t even need to dip back in for more product at all and it was so easy to apply.. I AM SHOOK!

They also dry down quick and easy, not in the way that you need to apply the product quickly, but a few minutes after you have, it’s dry. And feels incredibly comfortable that I actually forgot I was even wearing a liquid lipstick. NO transfers either.. These gals aren’t coming off what so ever!!!

I am lost for words.. These liquid lipsticks are so pigmented, so comfortable on the lips and also look beautiful on.. Everyone needs these because the formula and the shade range is gorgeous! DO NOT miss out on getting them!



Photo 06-05-2019, 15 09 59.jpg


I didn’t mention this earlier, as I wanted to talk about it separate but the applicator has completely changed, the doe foot applicator is now flatter and bigger which holds a lot more product than the older one. And the shape of it fits betters when applying on your lips. When this was mentioned, I actually didn’t have a problem with the old applicator, I actually liked it and I didn’t need to always go back in to get more product as I knew one swipe was enough for my whole lips. But the new one does look better and when watching Holly apply the products, it made more sense to why she had changed it.

Photo 06-05-2019, 15 26 39.jpg


Who remembers these beauties? I still use them to this day even though 2 of the shades are now re-named and all have a new formula.. I just can’t help but use them all.. But then again, thinking about it, I don’t want to use them all up as they were the first ever products I got from the brand.. Either way, they’re still as amazing as the new ones!


The shades Can’t Deal and Yes girl have now been changed to Feeling Myself and I’m Good - The only reason why they have been changed as these two shades now have sparkle in them. As soon as Holly mentioned this in her video is was extremely excited, I love any type of makeup product that has glitter or shimmer in it, especially when it comes to the Spring/Summer months. And I know I’ll definitely be taking these on holiday with me that’s for sure. Ok Then is still the same shade and still has the same name.

Photo 06-05-2019, 15 44 10.jpg

My last thoughts are that I highly rate Holly’s Brand.. Yes, it hasn’t been in the business for years and years, but I can honestly see big things for her. I love every single product she has released from her original lipglosses, to her lashes, and now her brand new lipglosses and liquid lipsticks.. They are really the best products I’ve used ever and you should all try them because they are incredible. Keep a look out on my Instagram as I’ll be wearing these a lot!

I couldn’t be anymore happy and proud of her! So if you have tried any of the HNB Cosmetics products, which ones are your favourite? Or if you have bought anything from the new launch then let me also know which are your favourites as well.