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If you’re like me and love to glow, then these two products are the ones for you. No matter the weather, no matter the season, I love to look like a glowing goddess from every. single. angle!

Anastasia Beverly Hills have released some INSANE products from their new Spring Collection that every single makeup lover and artist need in their lives because I now cannot live without these.. I might have to even buy back ups because I know for sure I will be using these a lot!!!

Little back story but ABH are actually one of the first high end brands that I ever purchased from, I remember when I could never afford their products but have always wanted to try so much of their stuff out until I could afford them and now they’re truthfully one of my favourite brands ever.

I highly rate them so much and are definitely worth paying the price for, for such high quality made products and products that really look amazing on your face.. So I cannot wait to purchase more from the brand because there is SO much that I’d love to try out, whether that’s past collections and future ones.

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In the world of setting sprays, I feel like they are such a hit and miss. Some people don’t see the point in a setting spray, and others swear by them every time they do their makeup. In the past couple of years, I have been using setting sprays and I have definitely seen a difference to just completing my makeup without a setting spray, to then using it to finish everything off. And now I cannot do my makeup without one, they are a must.

But of course, there are SO many brands out there that create mattifying sprays, dewy sprays, sprays to lock in everything and fully set your makeup in place. It is very hard to compare each one depending on its use, I’ve not tried many just because I like to really test them out, and once I love one, I wont bother buying another. And the same thing has happened again, but this time, I don’t think I will ever use any other brand apart from ABH. That is a VERY bold statement to make, but it’s true.

As my skin is combination, I like to keep my base quite matte and let the highlighter do its thing and make me look dewy and glowy. But now, after trying out their Dewy Set Setting Spray out once.. Yes, ONCE.. I am living for it! I’m not sure about anyone else, but as I use mattifying products, my base looks a little bit dry until this spray changed EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. I gave my face a few sprits (which can I say, the spray is very good, I love how it spray. WIN WIN!!!) and looked at my face in the mirror and it just made everything melt together and somehow made my skin look smoother. If you have noticed this yourself then please let me know because I love that it does this.

It gave me a gorgeous dewy radiant finish that I have never seen in my skin before, and then when I applied the loose highlighter, I was done. Finished. I couldn’t of been anymore obsessed if I tried. It’s unreal. I really want to see what it’s like on a no makeup natural face, because if it made me love it that much with makeup on, then I hope I love it that much without makeup on.

And lastly, can we just appreciate the packaging of the bottle? How gorgeous is it?! It is definitely NOT a glittery spray what so ever, that’s just the exterior of it bottle itself. Inside is a clear liquid but come on though, it’s stunning! It’s something I’d just want to display its that pretty!

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coconut-vanilla-scented setting spray that seamlessly blends products together as it sets makeup—leaving the complexion with a dewy (never oily), radiant finish. This gentle mist is ideal for those with dry skin or those who want to achieve the ultimate dewy glow.
— Anastasia Beverly Hills

Coconut & vanilla are my all time favourite scents in anything, so the fact that ABH have brought these two together in this spray is insane because I want it in some kind of perfume or body spray all wise I will just be spraying myself with this constantly and being sad that it’s ran out. But no other setting sprays that I’ve ever had, has had this type of scent. It’s honestly beautiful. You can’t get any better than it.

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Who doesn’t love highlight? I don’t even know what happened before it. But I know for sure my makeup didn’t look great without it!!! So, In the Spring collection, ABH brought out 3 different shades of loose highlighters; Sunset Aura, So Hollywood & Snowflake . We all know how amazing their pressed illuminating highlighters are, especially So Hollywood from James Charles consistently using it in every single one of his videos. I am so sad that I never got the chance to get it when I could’ve. As I think they are discontinued now.. Sad times honestly.

But the fact that they have now made it into a loose highlighter is incredible! I’ve never actually used loose highlighters before as they scare me because of how much of it in the pot there is, and because I LOVE to glow, I feel like I will use too much.

That was me overthinking I’d apply way too much, but because the highlighter is so finely mild, you really do not need to load your brush with product and I love that about it. I love to pack on highlighter sometimes but this stops me from doing that and it just melts and blends into your makeup so perfectly. And especially with the setting spray, you can’t go wrong it. They’re the perfect pair.

As I did mention there are two others in the collection, Sunset Aura - a rose gold shade, and Snowflake - a is silver shade. These two shades are both gorgeous from swatches that I’ve seen online, but I knew they wouldn’t suit my skin tone what so ever, they would look good as eyeshadows though come to think about…

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As well as the packaging of the setting spray, also how gorgeous is the pot for the highlighter?! The glittery lid is so beautiful.

I actually thought it was going to feel rough but it’s not which I love. But it’s so pretty and as you can see here how finely mild this loose highlighter is, it is unbelievably stunning when applied.

It looks dark out of the pot and scared me. I was like oh no, is it really going to be this dark on my skin because I hope not, and then I swatched it and fell in love instantly. So do not worry, it does not look dark on your skin what so ever.

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If you have anything from the Spring Collection, what are your favourites? I also want to get the Riviera palette and try out the new dipbrow gels as they look amazing.