The Keilidh Experience Masterclass

The Keilidh Experience Masterclass

Last Sunday 3rd March was finally the day I got to meet one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE makeup artists - Keilidh Cashell, aka Keilidh MUA. I couldn’t believe this day finally came around, it felt like I’d been waiting so long for this to happen and then when it was the end of February I was like ‘‘what the hell? ITS THIS WEEKEND!!!’’

As I bought the VIP ticket, we got the chance go sit right near the front and got given a goodie bag full of makeup, from a range of brands like SOSU, Carter Beauty, BPerfect, Blank Canvas, Inglot & Benefit which was really nice. Cannot wait to try some of the products out! - Some brands I’ve heard of but haven’t tried, so I always love that! A jar of sweeties which I obviously ate and a program (everyone got) that had an itinerary of the masterclass, a notes page where we could write down any tips, tricks and any products that we’d love to try out and discount codes for some brands that we could use!

To start off with was a beautiful Irish makeup artist called Lorna Ryan who opened the show with her little demo. She is amazing, the look that she created on Cara (Keilidh’s sister who modelled) was gorgeous. Even though she just did one eye. But it was still amazing. And her personality was incredible as well. You should all follow her on Instagram, I now have and looking through.. She’s so talented! Like wow, the Irish makeup artists are insane! Then we had a 15 minute break where we got to have a photo at the photo booth - Which was so much fun! Always love a good photo booth at events! And have a little shop of the SOSU products that Keilidh has with them.


Then.. OMFG THE MASTERCLASS WAS FINALLY HERE!!! Massive cheer for Keilidh coming in, the room went crazy! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I WAS IN THE SAME ROOM AS HER!!! I don’t know about anyone else, but It’s so weird seeing the person you’ve watched for so long on Youtube or seen on Instagram in the flesh. They’re normal people with a following, but it’s just mad! Finally getting to watch her do makeup in front of my eyes, instead of on a screen.

As the class was going on, we got to ask Keilidh question’s about her career, love for makeup, brands, anything! It was so perfect to hear her answers for the people that asked questions because some were advice on the makeup industry and I sat there thinking wow, this will really help me boost my confidence into starting my makeup Instagram again. And it really has. Telling everyone we should post and do the makeup that we really love, post consistently - as she said ‘‘ think about the people you follow. Why do you follow them?’’ And that really clicked for me.. So many great pieces of advice you wouldn’t believe.


It was time to meet the queen herself.. I didn’t know how to feel at this moment in time. I was queueing up with Erin, and as it was VIPs first, it was very long so I could calm my nerves down and just chat. Then sooner or later it’s my turn.. HOW?! I gave Keilidh a huge hug and obviously said hello, so did she and what did she go and do? RECOGNISE ME!! LIKE, WHAT?!! HOW?!! Maybe from Twitter or Instagram, who knows but she. knew. she. i. was. oh. my. freaking. godness!!! That literally ended me right there. I didn’t wanna be one of them people who cry in front of people who I love and that inspire me and what did my ass go and do? Get upset! I stopped myself from crying but I could feel it in my voice and my eyes were watering. Why was this happening to me??? I just couldn’t believe she knew who I was. And I was so overwhelmed that I got to meet one of my favourite makeup artists who continuous kill the makeup game and shock me every time they do a new look and forever motivate me to be the best artist that I can be.

We had a little chat about where I started in makeup (which I spoke about at the beginning about college) and that I took a huge break from my makeup Instagram because I thought I wasn’t good enough and was so low about it. And she told me to definitely start posting and to tag her in looks that I do. And she also said my makeup look amazing.. Erm, THANK YOU!!! I did use her Urban Bible palette of course.. I couldn’t of not used it! But for a makeup artist to tell you your makeup looks good is a massive confidence boost and a massive compliment. WOW!

Them whole few minutes I had with her was perfect. Hated the fact that I got upset because it was embarrassing. Said it to her myself and she was totally okay about it which was so sweet. I’ve never been so overwhelmed in a short space of time, all my emotions come flooding out at once!


If Keilidh ever see’s this, which I doubt she will, but I want to say thank you so much for making my first ever masterclass experience the best it ever could be and being so god damn genuine and such a kind heated soul just like how you are on your Youtube channel. Some of these Youtubers/makeup artists get called out for not being the same in ‘‘real life’’ as they are on their channels, but Keilidh was EXACTLY the same. And even more than I imagined. Everything about her was beautiful. So if you’d ever love to meet Keilidh, then you wont be disappointed.

But girl, you are insanely talented and I will always love your work and be inspired by you every single time. And thank you for taking the time to talk to me, it meant so much, you truly are my biggest inspiration and I cannot thank you enough for making me feel so much confident in my passion for makeup and helping me out so much. I now feel that I can achieve my dreams and become the makeup artist that I dream to be.. Sunday was amazing and it will be a memory that I will never ever forget! I hope that you get to come back to Manchester again because it will be incredible if you did. x

A last little message goes to Erin & Emilia - The two girls that I found on Twitter - All 3 of us were originally going to this masterclass on our own, but with the power of social media, we decided to meet up and go together. They made my experience just as amazing. I usually get so nervous going to events on my own, but they made me feel at ease and I couldn’t thank them enough and I hope we get to meet up again. LOVE YOU GIRLIES! X