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QUAY AUSTRALIA Blue Light Glasses

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QUAY AUSTRALIA Blue Light Glasses

So in the past month, I’ve been hearing about blue light lens glasses that feature a technology in the lens to help block HEV light from screens eg; laptop, phones and TV screens. As someone who is constantly looking at screens everyday, I tend to get really bad migraines which last a couple of days.. It’s horrible, but i never thought of actually looking into buying a pair of glasses to somewhat help that situation, until Jordan Lipscombe uploaded a clothing haul on her YouTube channel.

She has shown these pair of glasses from Quay Australia, and I instantly knew I wanted them to try them out, even though the frame style was something I never typically go for, I’m more of an aviator, flat top frame type of gal when it comes to sunglasses in general, but I wanted to be different when it came to GLASSES.

The gold frame was unfortunately sold out on Missguided where she purchased them from, but they did have another colour which wasn’t to my taste. Until I found them on ASOS, as I actually forgot that that stock Quay sunnies. They were £45 - which to me, for a pair of glasses, even if they were sunglasses is a stretch.. I’d never spend THAT much on eyewear unless it was something I’ve always wanted. But luckily with Klarna, with many brands, you can ‘‘try before you buy’’ - They will give you 30 until you need to pay.

I bought these on the 5th Feb and received them in the post on the 9th, which can I say, ASOS.. Your shipping is amazing as I had an estimated date of receiving them by the 11th. And I had up until 13th March to pay.

What is HEV light?: HEV light, or blue light, has always existed, but our exposure to it has increased substantially as the time we spend in front of screens increases. Screens that use LED technology such as smartphones, tablets, computer monitors, or TV screens emit very strong blue light waves. HEV blue light has the shortest wavelength of all the light on the visible spectrum, which causes flickering and glaring that can lead to headaches, physical and mental fatigue, blurry vision, eye fatigue, and dry eyes related to digital eye strain.

What do Blue Light filtering glasses do?: Blue light filtering glasses help combat the symptoms of digital eye strain by providing a barrier between your eyes and the source of the light, much like sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun.


Plus—look like a boss. We redesigned some of our best-selling sunnies in a clear blue light blocking lens format. Wear them when working on a laptop, watching TV, or scrolling the ‘gram to look good + feel good. Plus look like a boss. — Quay Australia

Style: Quay have 11 pairs of blue light glasses on their website, so if you have a particular style in glasses, they have a number that you can pick from! Including NEW styles and colour ways. But what I loved about the website was that you can do a virtual try on before you even think of buying any type of style, even with the sunglasses. How amazing is that?! I did this, and still wasn’t too sure on the style as I think a picture will never do justice.

When they arrived and I tried them on, again, still wasn’t too sure with and without makeup on.. At some points I was feeling them, loving life then at some points I was like ew no.. Get them off me! I look ugly in this style.. But I wanted to keep them on to 100% test them for of course it’s purpose.

Fit: Just like any other play of sunglasses or clear framed glasses I’ve worn in the past, these fit just the same, So comfortable, they don’t hurt behind my ears at all. The only annoying thing that I found was that they fall down my nose a little, but I’m sure any glasses wearer gets this. But because I have combination skin and I get oily at the sides of my nose, they slid down.. But it’s nothing major or a huge negative at all

Thoughts: Overall.. But I think the style just isn’t me. After a month to try them, I can’t get used to this style, I never will even with sunglasses. I’m sure they look stunning on other people, but the cat eye type style isn’t for me even though I do love the gold frame!!! But maybe in the future I would love to try out the style ‘hardwire’ to see how they look on me or even ‘Rumours’ - Even though these are a cat eye style haha, but I love the tortoise frame.

Lastly, I’m no expert on glasses what so ever, so I don’t know if all blue light glasses are like this.. But I noticed that the lens/filter was warm.. Like an off white type colour - Which I actually liked because screen lighting isn’t so intense on my eyes anymore. Just like on iPhones where you have the Night Shift and True Tone options. I used this setting on my phone all the time because I hate at night when I’m in bed in total darkness and I have a bright ass light on my eyes, even with the brightness down.. It’s too much for me, as well as my laptop, I have to turn the brightness down. But now with these glasses I don’t have to turn the brightness down and I don’t feel such a strain on my eyes.

I did return them as I came to the conclusion that this style wasn’t very me. I might end up loving this style in the future.. Who knows, but I will be purchasing another style from the Quay website soon.

Does anyone else own blue light glasses from Quay or any other brand? Would love to know your thoughts on them and if they’ve helped you out as well.