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LUSH Valentines

BeautyBecca Whiting
LUSH Valentines

Who doesn’t love to pamper themselves? Especially when using amazing bath products… And as per usual, Lush always come through with their range dedicated to the day. This year, they have introduced some brand new products and as well as some oldie but goodies in there too!

It’s always great to have pamper sessions in the bath to feel relaxed. And Lush are always the best brand to go to. Even in the shower as well. I feel so much better after using their products!

I have never actually had anything from their Valentines Day range as I’m always still using my Christmas products from the brand, but this year I thought I would try some new ones out for a change and as they are limited edition, it was a must. And I basically just wanted to build up my bath/skincare products.. And you can never have too many Lush products as they last forever!



I am now a fan of peach scents. I never was as I feel like it was included a lot in the beauty industry in makeup products and now I’m seeing it in bathroom products.. I had been seriously missing out. This smells GORGEOUS! And one of the best looking bath bombs I’ve ever had. I really didn’t want to use it as it was too nice but it makes your bath look insane and also smell insane and leaves your body so smooth and silky. I hope they bring out another peachy product, like a shower gel or body conditioner.

‘‘Give the peach of your heart to someone you love this Valentine’s day.’’ - LUSH

Love Boat

I don’t know about anyone else, but Love Boat smells like the typical ‘‘Lush’’ smell, you know when you walk past or walk in their store. It literally smells exactly like that! But I love this bath bomb, it makes your bath times a little bit more fun. This makes your bath pink and glittery which is so amazing, what’s not to love?! And I know this isn’t a new product, but it must of been popular for Lush to bring it back again. And no wonder because it’s insane!

‘‘Set sail over the sweet orange and Sicilian lemon oil seas, for an uplifting cruise to Love Island. Whether you're testing the waters of a new relation-ship, or it’s a bit rocky, board this boat for fruity frills.’’ - LUSH

The Big Banana

Firstly, I want to say NO that is not dirty bath water, I had used the Love Boat bath bomb which I spoke about above and it had made my water pink - Which is doesn’t look it here. But trust me, and if you’ve used it, it makes the water pink haha! But as someone who has never owned a massage bar, I can tell you that I will be using these a lot more. It’s not oily what so ever, makes your skin so smooth and has such a beautiful banana smell that isn’t overwhelming - It has a mix of vanilla and a subtle banana scent.

I used this straight after my bath on my towel dried skin and I couldn’t recommend this anymore!

‘‘Size doesn't matter, it’s what you do with it: Peel off your clothes with someone you like a lot and rub this massage bar the right way all over your skin (or theirs).’’ - LUSH

Strawberry Whip

When it comes to shower/bath products, I never lean to soaps because I think they they just make sure skin dry. But this soap.. OH MY GOD! I cannot tell you how soft my skin felt after I have a shower. And I think it was down to the ingredient ‘silken tofu’ - This sh*t needs to be in everything, my body felt so soft like a babies bum. I loved it!

The size is perfect as well so you can obviously get so much use out of it, and in the middle, which I didn’t actually know until I bought them, that there is a whip in the middle. I know it’s called strawberry whip but I didn’t think there was that kind of texture in the middle. I thought it would have a strong overpowering strawberry smell, but it doesn’t, it’s very subtle. Huge 10/10 for me.

‘‘The caring ingredients inside this saucy bar are a match made in heaven for post-winter skin, so go on, sud up, you're onto a winner.’’ - LUSH


Possibly the most cheekiest Lush product ive ever seen in my life.. LOOK AT IT! When and why do with associate the aubergine as a.. You know haha, in emoji form! But Not only is this amazing to look at fizz in the bath, changing the water into an amazing purple colour with splashes of green and blue, kind of looks like a galaxy I think.. You decide, but it makes your bath sparkle with glitter too! It looks so pretty.

And I noticed as well when I got out of the bath, I seen my body have specks of glitter on it, very subtle, not very noticeable though. I didn’t think this would smell fruity, but it does and that’s my kind of scent, so it couldn’t get any better than!

‘‘This tongue in cheek product shoots green and blue foam from both ends so you can give someone the gift of a fast fizzing tip this Valentine’s Day.’’ - LUSH

Im gutted that I didn’t get double’s of each product because I am completely obsessed with every single one that I tried out, they are incredible and everyone needs to get their hands on them before they are not being sold after Valentines Day! It does make me sad as I wont be able to get them again until next year. (if they have the same ones including new too) But have you tried any of these or any other products from the Valentines Day range? What are your favourites?