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Cult Beauty X Jamie Genevieve
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So, if you did or not not know.. Yes, this is also 3 months late. But miss Jamie Genevieve collaborated with Cult Beauty and announced back in October 2018 on YouTube and other social medias, that she has her own beauty box which was LIMITED EDITION!

Let me tell you, that this box has been kept away from be before Christmas, then I got it as a xmas present and it has been put away in my room as I didn’t want to use ANY of the products until I made this post. Even though it is really late. BUUUT.. You still can purchase all these products on Cult Beauty, just without the box.

I have always been interesting in getting beauty/makeup boxes and I’m glad that Jamie’s collaboration was my first because as a subscriber to her YouTube channel and just an all round huge fan of hers, I knew I had to get my hands of it before it was sold out. Not just only the products in the box, but the box itself is gorgeous, with the matte black, gold foil detailing and the bee feature.. So I really wanted it at the time.. And Just like Ariana Grande says ‘‘I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it!’’

Also, the box was retailed at £110 and worth an overall £184.50 with a 40% off - Sorry but if that’s not a bargain, then I don’t know what is!

When you take off the box sleeve, you open the flap of the box and everything is secure, wrapped and packaged well with black tissue paper so all the products are safe. Included in the box is a book that has firstly, two stunning photographs of the queen herself and everything that comes in the box, with a little description of what Jamie thinks. Perfect little detail added I think.

Below is EVERYTHING that came in the box, 1/7 brands I have used. Honestly. And that brand is Benefit, all the rest I have heard of, but never used. And that’s why I think these type of subscription boxes/beauty boxes in collab with an influencer/Youtubers/MUA are amazing, because we as consumers get to try out some amazing brands out there that we may have never thought of trying or have wanted to.

Becca Cosmetics: Shimmering Skin Perfecter - Champagne Pop

Jamie gave us the option to pick which shade from lightest to darkest that we actually wanted. She chose the shade ‘Opal’, as she thinks it suits her skin tone better. I went with the shade Champagne Pop, as I have ALWAYS wanted to try this since Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Becca, and now I finally have it! I tend to go towards champagne, golden highlighters as I have more of a tan, olive toned skin.

This took some strength to not even touch because it’s so god damn beautiful! Highlighters are one of them products that I just want to leave sitting pretty in its glowing glory. But I had to dive in at some point and holy crap.. Forget ANY highlighter that I own, Becca Cosmetics, Champagne Pop is my brand new favourite. And that is a bold statement to make. I probably say it about every highlight I buy but this is something else!!!

Huda Beauty: Warm Brown Obsessions

I have never tried any Huda Beauty products before and now I think I need to after using this eyeshadow palette. And I for sure want more palettes from her because I’ve definitely been missing out!

I’m so glad that a warm palette was in this box because they are my go-to types of shades, I’m not massively into cool tones as I feel like they look weird on me so this palette was perfect. And also, the size is perfect for travel as well.. I no longer need to take a big af palette with me when I go anywhere!

The shades that I used were the bottom right, the first shade on the second row and the third shade on the second row as well. I wanted to do an all matte look as when I do a cut crease, I’d usually add a shimmer shade, but I thought I’d do something different for once. Im really happy with how the eye look turned out to be honest, I love it! Such beautiful shades.

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OUAI Haircare: Rose Hair & Body Oil

Oils are not my favourite thing in the world.. Whether it’s oils for your makeup or hair.. So unfortunately I do not rate this what so ever. I’m not the best with hair to begin with so I didn’t even know how to use this. I styled my hair then added a few pumps and my hair looked greasy.. Not a great look.. But I have heard amazing things from other products from the brand OUAI, which I’d love to try out. But this oil wasn’t for me at all. Maybe if I found out how to use it properly then I’ll love it, who knows. But I won’t be using this again any time soon. And the thought of it that it’s for your body as well.. It makes me skin crawl having an oily body.. Nope! The scent is gorgeous, but I can’t stand oils.

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Lilly Lashes: Mykonos in Faux Mink

I have always heard of Lilly Lashes from James Charles on his channel, forever mentioning the style ‘Miami’ - So the fact there is a pair of Lilly Lashes in this box made me scream with excitement. Even though these aren’t Miami’s, they’re still a gorgeous. I find it so hard to compare lashes with other brands and styles that I have because I have so many in my collection. And if you follow me on Instagram, you will always see me mentioning the same brand/style in my posts. So I feel like I needed to stop wearing my go-to lashes and try out these for a change.

This style is actually stunning, and because its faux mink which makes it even better. It makes the lashes look less fake in a way.. They’re more softer, fluffier and look amazing on. I have a couple of faux mink/mink style lashes in my collection and even though I said it’s hard for me to compare lashes.. Out of the faux mink ones that I own, these are the best yet. And I love how big they are, because I have hooded eyelids, I can get away with wearing huge fluttery lashes!

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Omorovicza: Queen of Hungary Mist

To be honest with you, I’m still not sure what this mist even does or is for.. But all I can say is that it makes my skin look after I’ve done my makeup. Everything looks blended and melted together. UH I LOVE IT! The smell.. Not so much. But I get over it and you can really smell it after a few seconds. But this is the most boujiest spray I’ve ever used in my life! Firstly the bottle and then the name, like HELLOOOO MONEY!

I’m completely honest with my reviews, and would I recommend this to everyone.. No. You do not need this spray in your life. Even though everything that Jamie wears I will always want. But this spray, no, you do not need. for 30ml which comes in the box is £15 - Do I think its worth it.. No. For 100ml its £50.. THAT IS NOT WORTH IT WHAT SO EVER! I don’t use this spray what so ever unless I want to feel extra glam. But other than that, it’s left in my makeup draw.. So it’s the only product in this box that I don’t like but like at the same time..

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Nudestix Lip and Cheek Pencil: Whisper

Possibly one of the MOST creamiest lip pencils I’ve ever used. I’m more of a standard lip liner girl, so your standard pencils. I always have to line my lips with something, so I couldn’t use this Nudestix pencil on its own because my lips look lost in my face. But this over the top is gorgeous, so creamy and soft. It doesn’t feel heavy on the lips what so ever so I actually forget that Im wearing it. Which is what I always love in a lipstick. And it was so easy to apply than a normal lipstick bullet as well.. Which I think I’m going to start loving. I’ve never applied a lipstick pencil before but I want to get more shades now after this one!

I love that it comes with its own sharpener as well as I’m forever losing mine, so the fact that it comes with it’s own is great. And so cute that it has its own little tin with it. You can just pop it straight into your handbag if you ever need a touch up throughout the day from eating and drinking.

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Benefit Cosmetics: 24-HR Brow Setter

BEST. BROW. SETTER. EVER! There is honestly not much to say about this because I have always loved Benefit brow products, they are honestly the best brow products out there. And that is a bold statement to make. If you’re in need of a brow gel then definitely get this one because your brows will stay on all day!!!

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Cult Beauty: Medium Travel Make Up Bag

I am a sucker for makeup bags, i’m always changing them once they look like they’ve been used and abused. And since I threw out my old bag, I am now using this one which is perfect but I can see everything in it. I’ve never had a clear makeup bag before, but I am obsessed with them. I no longer have to struggle to find products that I need to grab!

This bag is also great because everything that came in this beauty box FITS inside whether you keep the products in their packaging or not. It all fits. And its the perfect size for travelling to put in your carry on bag/case and a perfect size to put in your hand bag if you carry around a larger scale bag. I think I want more of these.. Yes, I definitely do. It also comes a smaller version for anyone that prefers a smaller makeup bag. Still perfect for the said reasons above.

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Here is a look that I created using these products..

If you were one of the lucky ones that managed to get one of these amazing beauty boxes last year, what were your favourite products that came in it?