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SOSU By Suzanne Jackson X Keilidh

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SOSU By Suzanne Jackson X Keilidh
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Before I talk about all the products in the SOSU X Keilidh collection, I want to give SOSU and Keilidh a HUGE congratulations on every single product made because they are unbelievably stunning and they’re my favourite products to use right now. I have always loved SOSU and the fact that Keilidh did a collab was honestly my favourite news in the beauty industry.

Keilidh is one of my top 3 makeup artists that have really inspired me and motivated me to become a better artist than I’ve ever have been. Im no ‘‘official mua’’ but I know I have skills within the makeup. And I know that practice definitely makes perfect!

2018 was the year that I actually discovered who Keilidh was from James Charles Instagram story, where he gives the opportunity for upcoming smaller artists to show their talent/skills off on his story - which is honestly an amazing idea and so kind hearted for him to do. But yes, I found her on there and instantly loved her work. I have never been majorly into colour eyeshadow looks, I was very into brown smokey eyes with liner and lashes until Keilidh.. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and I loved it!

There was something about Keilidh’s work that I loved because It wasn’t like anyone else’s work I’d seen before, it was very grungy and colourful at the same time with details added that were mind blowing! Looks she created on her YouTube channel and Instagram were things I’d never seen before and made me shook because I couldn’t believe the looks I was seeing! She has such a creative mind and I’d love to be at her level one day… Now, onto the products!!!

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging of the palette?! I’ve never ever seen anything like it before and that’s what I love about Keilidh’s collection. She has done packaging that represents her SO well. Not like other brands where they seem to have a specific ‘‘theme’’ with specific colours tailoring to it. But when you look at this palette and look at Keilidh, you think; grunge, glam, Instagram. And with the shades of the shadows inside, that is EXACTLY what they are. The palette couldn’t get any better!!!

Out of all the eyeshadow palettes I have in my makeup collection, I have never had one liked this before. The shades are so unique and laid out amazingly! Like in her YouTube video of the collection, she explains that half of the shadows are the more grungy shades: Veil, Saviour, 1996, Prophecy, Oath, Chaos & Sin the other half are more of the Instagram shades: Faith, Majesty, Sacred Fire, Aura, Mercy, Myth, Freedom, Unruly & Sacrifice.

My favourite shades are definitely the matte browns and the golden brown shimmer, as I always feel glam wearing them colours. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll see me wearing these shades a lot. I of course love the colours, but for an ‘‘everyday’’ glam look that will go with everything, I always use them shades. But when I do go into the more colourful side, then the shade Unruly is such an insane shade. In the pan it’s a deep burgundy colour, but when it’s blended, it looks like a deep pink as if you’ve used about 2-3 colours on your eyes when you’ve only used 1.. In every single eyeshadow palette that I own, I have never ever seen an eyeshadow that does that and it still blows my mind every time I use it.

Shade Descriptions:

Veil – Matte White

Saviour – Golden Brown Matte

1996 – Antique Gold Foil

Prophecy - Rich Warm Brown Matte

Aura – Bright Turquoise Shimmer

Faith – Neon Yellow Matte

Unruly – Deep Burgundy Matte

Oath – Deep Cool Brown Matte

Majesty – Bright Burnt Orange Matte

Myth – Bright Lavender Shimmer

Freedom – Neutral Purple Matte

Chaos – Metallic Green/Brown Sheen

Mercy – Baby Pink Shimmer

Sacred Fire – Vibrant Red Matte

Sacrifice – Deep Purple Matte

Sin - Intense Matte Black 

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To be completely honest.. I didn’t think that I’d get the brushes at all out of everything as I have so many brushes already in my makeup collection.. BUT, eventually, I knew I had to get them to complete it all. It didn’t feel right not having them. And as Keilidh specifically wanted them to be smaller detailed brushes for people who had smaller lids. Now.. I hate my eyelid space, you cant even see my crease what so ever and I find it so difficult when using eyeshadow because I could do the most gorgeous eye look ever and then its just gone by my hooded eyelids.. ANNOYING AF! But with these brushes, it helps out so much to really define where I want specific colours to go.

You really do need the right brushes/brush shape when it comes to eyeshadow, because you cant use a big fluffy brush for everything. Or a small definer brush for everything, so I’m really glad that she came out with a set of brushes that can be used for a ray of different things when it comes to eyeshadow as it will make my life SO much easier.

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We all know Keilidh for her insane lashes when she’s done her eyeshadow on her channel. No look in complete without them. They truly make a huge difference. It’s so funny how an eye look will turn out with and without lashes.

Not that I needed anymore as I’m growing quite the collection but I had to definitely get these, just look at them for god sake! HOW GORGEOUS!!!

There’s something about each lash that I love and how they look on, and not because Keilidh is my absolute favourite MUA, but these are my favourite go-to lashes now. And from being at her masterclass, she said that she stacks the Keilidh lash and Ego together - I have never stacked lashes in my life, but I now do, due to her telling us that and they both look so nice together. What I also love about them is that the band isn’t too thick either, because you get with some lashes that the band is too thick and looks very obvious in photographs.. But these are perfect and I kind of want to buy all 2 again just so I have backups and I will for sure be wearing them a lot!

If you’re based in Europe, United Kingdom, USA and Australia. You can purchase the collection on the SOSU website. I bought mine from Beauty Bay as I knew I could get everything next day if I spent £60 or more. If you’re going to buy the collection from Beauty Bay, all together it costs £84.75 - which is the palette, brush set and all 3 lashes. BUT.. BUT.. SOSU on their site have a bundle with EVERYTHING in which costs £74.55 - Which is obviously cheaper with the £4.99 shipping - Which I was not about, as like I said, I could get it free delivery, NEXT DAY on BB.

Below are some looks that I’ve done using the palette, I know they look very similar, but I’ve started getting into colour more, as to why there is only one look with colour HAHA! But keep an eye out on my blog instagram and on my makeup instagram too; makeupbybecca