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Best Of 2018 Makeup

BeautyBecca Whiting
Best Of 2018 Makeup

2018 has been an amazing year of new makeup brands/products and I always love to find new things to add to my collection. Especially as I always stick to my go-to products, so to find new products is always great because it can expand my collection and my make-up routine.

HNB Cosmetics has to be my first brand to talk about. If you haven’t heard of Holly Boon and her newly brand ‘HNB Cosmetics’, then get to know because you should not sleep on her, or her brand. I have watched Holly on YouTube for as long as I can remember, her makeup skills are absolute fire and she is just all round stunning! All the looks she creates on Youtube and Instagram are insane! I’d love to be as talented as her.

But just before the end of the year in October, she announced her brand and her first products which were her lipglosses. (She also released 3 pairs of eyelashes which I do own and haven’t tried them yet, but they are incredibly affordable, and the quality feels amazing and the styles are EVERYTHING - Hint, that is one of the names of them. But I know I’m going to love them!)

Photo 19-01-2010, 01 49 25.jpg

Now.. I could honestly go on and on and on about these lipglosses. They are the BEST glosses I’ve ever worn, and I’ve never been a lipgloss girl. I always stuck to matte lip products, but obviously I had to support my girl and try out these products. And now.. Im a lipgloss lover, especially with these because 1. None sticky 2. pigmented gloss that can be worn over lipsticks and on its own and 3. SO HYDRATING!!! Also, look at that packaging?! Not going to lie, I’m gutted that Holly only did this design for the Christmas period, but when she releases the new one. Will I be buying them again? HELL YEAH!

Honestly, If you’re on the hunt for new lipglosses or like me, you wasn’t into lipgloss that much. Then trust me, buy these, you will be wearing them all the time because I have ever time I’ve done my makeup, so affordable as well at only £12.50 each. I couldn’t be anymore proud of Holly, she is killing it and I cannot wait to see what else she brings out.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this was Beauty Bay’s first ever YouTubers/Influencer collaboration.. If it was then congratulations!!! But, I am always going to be supportive of my favourite YouTubers that I watch and will purchase any of their products. And I was not wrong to get Jordan’s 3 eyeshadow & highlight palettes. I love that all 3 were different styles that had different shades that ANYONE can wear. And all the highlight shades are for every skin tone.

Photo 19-01-2010, 02 29 24.jpg

What I love mostly about them is how compact they are so perfect for travelling, as I used to always take my huge Morphe 35 shades palettes but now, I can pick which out of the 3 palettes and take it with me and create numerous looks! What’s not to love? And, aaaand, they’re so pigmented! Usually people are sceptical on when influencers do makeup products and think they’re not involved in seeing how all their products are made.. But these so incredible! Not chalky what so ever, blend like a dream, and every colour is gorgeous - I cannot stress that enough!

My favourite palette out of Fuego, Trooper and Onyx has to be Fuego, purely because a warm toned palette is always my go-to when I’m doing a simple eyeshadow look and even when I’m going full glam. And my favourite shades are Tan, Mocha and Pinot - YES TO A BRONZED EYE!

I cannot wait to see what else Jordan brings out this year.. If she does.. It would be amazing to see more makeup products from her, because ever since I found her on YouTube, she has definitely stepped up her game with her makeup looks!

Of course Miss (soon to be Mrs this year) Jamie Genevieve had to be included in this post.. How could she not?! If you haven’t bought or even tried her lipstick in collaboration with MAC Cosmetics then what the hell are you doing? You are missing out!

Photo 19-01-2010, 03 15 58.jpg

For the past couple years, I have only been wearing liquid lipstick as it was my new favourite thing. Finding ones that didn’t come off was a godsend. I didn’t have to touch up throughout the day, it was great.. Until Jamie accounted that she was going to create her own shade and packaging with MAC.. HELLOOO.. WHAT?! I couldn’t believe it! I’ve always loved MAC and her Jamie to do something with them was special and like any other YouTuber that I love, I will support them. And ever since I got this lipstick, I haven’t gone back to a single liquid lipstick ever.. Especially not in this cold weather. Jamie has made me fall back in love with bullet lipsticks and it’s even more special to me because it was my first lipstick that I’d bought from MAC too and now I want to buy more from them because I didn’t know how amazing they felt!

Jamie wanted to create the perfect nude and she truly has, there are so many nudes out there and hers is my favourite without a doubt. I love wearing it over MACs lipliners Spice and Hover. The lipsticks looks incredible over them both. It’s such a perfect nude and I think I might.. No.. I WILL buy it again because I use it so many times I don’t want to run out!

And the box that It comes in is so up Jamie’s street, as like I said she got to design it herself. It’s so her, the grunge princess/queen that she is. I have kept it because I’m obsessed! If you haven’t got it and are looking for the perfect nude, then this lipstick is it! The best thing I’ve ever used, and I won’t stop using it!

In 2018, I started to build up my eyelash collection as I started to wear them a lot more than I have previous years. I always love finding new brand of eyelashes that I’ve never tried before. I have so many favourite from different brands and Kiss Lashes has to be in my top 3 because I always pick them out.

Photo 19-01-2010, 04 15 39.jpg

I have connected with a PR brand called Alex Silver - They are amazing, the team are so lovely. If you’re a bloggers/influencer/YouTuber then I highly recommend connecting with them. But anyway, I have had a few things sent to me from Alex Silver and it has been Kiss Lashes. Now, I have heard of Kiss before, but never really tried them out before, I’ve seen them in Boots and Superdrug, but I always stuck to the more ‘‘popular’’ and ‘‘known’’ brands. Until.. They sent me a lovey packaged with a few of their lashes in I am completely obsessed. I cannot stop wearing them. And they’re also so affordable too as they are drug store.

Kiss Lashes are so underrated and need to be heard about more because the quality of them is incredible! The ones that I had been sent were from the Lash Couture Triple Push-Up Collection, Lash Couture 5th Avenue Collection and from the Lash Couture Faux Mink Collection These styles are more up my street as I like to wear very bold, glamorous, big lashes and I have hooded eyes, so above my lid I have a lot of space so I can get away with wearing bigger lashes in the day and looking extra AF.

From the Triple Push-Up Collection I have:

- Bustier

From Faux Mink Collection I have:

- Noir

- Midnight

And from the 5th Avenue Collection I have:

- Opulence - I wear this style all the freaking time! Any makeup look that I post on Instagram, I will be wearing these without a doubt. I love how fluffy and dramatic they are but don’t look OTT when I wear them.

- Splendor

Photo 19-01-2010, 04 16 09.jpg

In May 2018, it was my first ever time going to IMATS London. I’ve known about IMATS ever since I started watching YouTube 7 years ago. From watching Grace Victoria go there and ever since I’ve always wanted to go. It’s like makeup heaven! A whole convention dedicated to makeup and sfx brands. It’s amazing!

I was lucky enough to go with college and save up money to go from working, which I was so happy about because I couldn’t go the year before as I couldn’t afford it. But last year I could and it made me so happy.

Photo 19-01-2010, 03 39 24.jpg

There are so many brands there, ones I’d heard of and never tried before, brands I’ve always loved.. Literally so many, its so overwhelming, I didn’t know where to start! But this isn’t about IMATS haha.. I saw the stand peaches & Cream and I’ve heard about this brand for so long now, and I knew it was a Liverpool brand (I’ve been there so many times, I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to buy something from the brand) and Liverpool is one of my favourite cities ever so I knew I’d love them. I’ve seen people on YouTube and Instagram use their brushes and I’ve alway wanted to try them as they look insane. And they are!

The quality is the best I’ve ever seen in makeup brushes that I’ve ever owned and used. And the amount of times that I have used them, none of them have shedded. or even lost any of the logo on it.. Can’t get any better than top quality brushes. Perfect for any MUA collections, MUE like myself or even makeup beginners. I definitely want to double up on some of the brushes that I do have from them and also try out some of the brushes that I don’t own from them.

Photo 19-01-2010, 03 41 14.jpg

I love finding new brushes to add to my collection because you can never have too many, and having new ones are aways satisfying.. And at the stand and on their website, they have the deal of buying 4 brushes for £15 which is actually amazing. I love buying brushes in bulk rather than paying individually. So 4 for £15 is a great deal. I decided to get 8 so that came to £30. I wasn’t too sure at first which ones I wanted. I knew I was after some big brushes for the faces and a few smaller ones for eyes.. And the ones I got were:

Photo 19-01-2010, 03 42 31.jpg

PC25 - Flat Face Brush - I used this sometimes for foundation on myself and other people as I have a flat brush already from another brand is is different. So when I can’t be bothered to clean it and I know It needs cleaning, I will use this brush. I love it as it gives my foundation a really nice full coverage finish. I prefer to use brushes personally for foundation than a Beauty Blender.

PC19 - Buffer Brush - I use this for compact face powders, mainly to just touch up when my T-Zone is oily. So this shape of the brush is perfect for that.

PC15 - Cheek Definer - I have recently been using this brush for blush as it’s very fluffy and It fits on the apple of my cheeks perfectly. I have also used it to apply contour on my forehead and jaw line which I also love to use it for too.

PC18 - Contour Brush - This online is labelled to use for contour, which I didn’t actually know, but I like to use this to pat and blend in concealer on eyelids. My eyes are hooded so I can get away with using it for that. But I might try cream contour and try using the brush for that as well.

PC17 - Highlighter Brush - YES TO THIS BRUSH OMG! Best brush I’ve ever used to highlighter. Such a perfect shape for it and it blends my highlighters amazingly! I want to repurchase this brush because having one just doesn’t seem enough!

PC23 - Large Eyeshadow Brush - I have never used it for eyeshadow, I just can’t seem to understand why it’d be used for eyeshadow.. Maybe to pack on colours. I don’t know, but I like to use it also to pat on concealer on my eyelids and also too colour correct under my eyes.

PC10 - Blending Brush - This is the only brush I hardly use out of the 8 that I bought.. I’ve used it to highlight a couple times when use a brighter highlighter to highlighter to highest point but I’d say that’s about it. I don’t use it for eyeshadow as it’s a blending brush..

PC14 - Smudger - I have recently been doing a smokey under eye which I have been loving and this brush is perfect to get right under the bottom lash line and smudge darker eyeshadow as the brush hairs are so compact.

I have linked each individual brush if you have to buy them separately.. But I highly recommend the ‘4 for £15’ offer that they always have as you will be saving a lot more money. They also have brush bundles as well like 27 brush collection, 15 piece brush set, eye brush set and the face brush set.

2018 has been a great year of new brands and new makeup products.. I wonder what 2019 will bring? The makeup industry has been stepping up, so it will be great to see what is released.

What were your favourite makeup products of 2018? Were any that I listed any of your favourite