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My Perfect Valentines Makeup

BeautyBecca Whiting
My Perfect Valentines Makeup

13 days to go until the big V day.. So I thought that I’d have a play around with some new makeup that I have kept away, as I was waiting to use them especially for this look. And of course, I use some go-to products that you may or may not see on my instagram’s. I find it hard to switch up my makeup as I love sticking to what I love, but for this Valentines Day look, I definitely included some new bits that you will need to get your hands on!





Photo 30-01-2019, 19 44 35.jpg

If you follow me on my socials, then you’ll know that I never wear crazy colours like this at all. I usually stick to bronzer in the crease or a soft smokey eye. But this year, I wanted to challenge myself and go out of my comfort zone and play with more colour! I still wanted this look to have some dark smokiness to it, so that’s why I added the deep purple to give it depth and a grungy feel.

I have been inspired by a number of makeup artists like; Erin Rose, MMMMITCHELL and P.Louise - They have always made me inspired to use colour in my makeup and ever since I discovered them, I have always wanted to try colour out and I’m glad that I finally have. I feel like it brings more life to a makeup look and makes it look more fun.

I also have hooded eyelids so I always find it disheartening that I feel like I can’t go crazy with eyeshadow, as people with hooded eyelids know that when we spend so much time blending, and then its hidden underneath our lids.. Like.. WHERE’D YOU GO?!!! It really stresses me out that I spend so much time trying to do a nice eye look and it goes and hides from me. I will forever envy people with full eye lid space!!! But I’m learning new techniques to mimic as if I had lid space, and I think I achieve that, as you can see in the 2nd picture on the top right, below.