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Face Halo - Does It Really Work?

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Face Halo - Does It Really Work?
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If you may or may not have heard of the Australian brand ‘Face Halo’ Then get to know because her product is a game changer to removing makeup.

I’m not someone who wears makeup every singe day, as I don’t see the need too. But for me it’s like I either wear a full face of makeup, even if it’s glam during the day or I don’t wear makeup at all. There is no in between. I’m not a massive fan of simple makeup unless it’s needed for work or something..

But when it comes to removing makeup, it’s too much effort, not that I can’t be bothered to take it off, it’s that I use about 4-5 makeup wipes to remove everything and there is probably still bits of makeup left on my face in my pores. As gross as that sounds but there probably still is. And then after that I will use a daily facial scrub face wash to cleanse my face. And yes, there is still makeup coming off on the towel when I dry my face afterwards. It’s actually terrible.

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So, I wanted to try out a new routine when cleansing my face after wearing makeup for hours. In the past I have used a cleansing gel which turns into a milky consistency and ‘‘melts’’ the makeup on your face and you wash it off with water. It was good but it felt horrible and seeing all my makeup melting away on my face and my bathroom sink would be covered in makeup. Then I’m having to clean the sink and its like.. OMG! Such a process… Then I discovered Face Halo…

I’d watch and read reviews to see if it was any good before buying it, just like I would with any other skin care or makeup product, and the reviews I’d seen have been amazing, so I knew I had to try it out for sure. Skincare to me is very important, so to cleanse my face after wearing makeup is 100% important!

I watched Chloe Morello - Who is apart of the company - She did a YouTube video talking about the product and she said that ‘‘One Face Halo equal 5 makeup wipes’’ - Now I said above in the post that I use 4-5 makeup wipes to remove my makeup, so the fact that one of these pads is = to 5 makeup wipes.. I know feel utterly embarrassed that I used to use that many.. But now I no longer have too.. That piece of information left me speechless. I cannot believe it, but I can because this incredible product PROVES IT!

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What I love about the pads is that they are dual-sided, so you could use one side for half of your face, then the other for the other half of your face. No need to worry about grabbing another pad! And that each pad can be used up to 200 times.. Yes.. 200 TIMES! I wouldn’t even know how many times I wear makeup in a year.. So the fact that they can be used that many times is incredible!


‘‘Face Halo works with either cold or warm water. The water loosens your makeup allowing the HaloTech fiber strands (which are 100 times finer than a human hair) to reach deep into your pores to remove and trap makeup, giving your skin a healthy and invigorating clean in half the time.’’

The Halo Effect

‘‘We can tell you a thousand times that Face Halo’s HaloTech fibers get into your pores and will remove all your makeup better than anything else, but lets face it, a picture tells a thousand words.

And a picture of a freshly picked orange and all of its pores - is the very best way to introduce you to the Halo Effect.

We wiped the orange surface once with both, and you can see the results below. No tricks, just clean pores and no makeup.’’



I wore the same amount of makeup that I usually would do for the same amount of hours that I usually would to see how effective it would be on a face full of makeup. I tend to wear makeup for about 13-14 hours on days when I’m out and about. If I’m just wearing makeup to do a look for Instagram then I wear makeup for about 6-7. So I definitely wanted to try makeup remover pads for makeup that I’ve worn for a longer period.

I want to say that after you have removed all of your makeup with this pad, do not think that is it to cleaning your face. DEFINITELY NOT! Just like I normally would after using wipes, I will cleanse my face with a face wash/facial scrub, tone and moisturise my face. Please do these steps afterwards so that you face is PROPERLY cleansed.

Face Halo also do a Pro version of the makeup remover pads, I don’t think there is a difference in the original to the pro ones. Maybe they’re just more benificial for makeup artists as they’re black. I have no idea. But they both do the exact same thing. They’re both made the same way. But I do think they look more sleeker.. If that even makes sense. I don’t know, I think that your makeup being wiped off onto it won’t look as intense haha!

My final thought’s:

I absolutely love this makeup remover! I cannot believe that I have spent all this time taking off my makeup with 5 makeup wipes all this time, and for my skin to still not be 100% clean.. The fact that this ONE pad is = to 5 facial wipes will forever shock me. My face feels so much cleaner after using the pad and it goes deep into my skin to PROPERLY remove all my makeup. It is a god send, and now my go-to to use all the time now. It takes less time to take off my makeup as well which is everything I needed.

I would recommend to this ANYONE who wears makeup, whether you only wear a little bit to a lot. It doesn’t matter. Everyone should be using this to take off their makeup and stop using makeup wipes or any kind of product that can remove it. You will honestly be surprised how much makeup comes off your face when using it. Its unbelievable! Id show you but it’s gross HAHA! But I feel like I am now on the road to getting better skin by using Face Halo, as it’s really improved on my skin care.

If you’re wondering where I bought mine from, I got mine from Beauty Bay with the pack of 3 for £18. As it’s a lot cheaper then buying the single pad for £7 from Boots. But if you’re not too sure if this will work, then I guess it’s good to buy the one. But trust me from this post and reviews on Boots, Beauty Bay and Face Halo itself.. It’s a GAME CHANGER AND A MUST FOR YOUR SKIN CARE COLLECTION!

Have you tried out Face Halo’s makeup remover pads? If so, what are your thoughts? Has it changed the ways in how you remove makeup?